Ngpaint Version 0.9 for Java   NEW: 1.0

NOTE: This is an older version. The latest version can be downloaded as .ZIP below

Buttons on the top
Graphic Reads the textarea and adds the elements to the canvas. 
Text Deletes first the textarea and writes the elements from the canvas to the textarea. For the format look at 
Ascii Converts the elements on the canvas to ASCII-Art into the textarea. 
Refresh Refresh the canvas. 
Delete Deletes the canvas. 
Textfield Use this field for textinput with the textbutton left. 


Buttons on the left
Draw a line
The width of the line
Solid linestyle
Dash medium
Dash linestyle
Dash small
Small dash linestyle
Dashdot linestyle
Draw a rectangle
Filled rectangle
Draw a filled rectangle
Draw the text from the top textfield to the canvas
Not implemented, works like line
Draw a ellipse
Filled Circle
Draw a filled ellipse
Draw a arc
Filled Arc
Draw a filled Arc. Not in the official Ngpaint format.
Move elements on the canvas. Click first the move button and click second a element on the canvas and drag the element with pushed mouse button.
Delete elements on the canvas. Click first the delete button and second a element on the canvas.

Textarea on the bottom
Input and Output for Ngpaint text format and output for ASCII-Art. Copy & Paste text from and to this textarea. On some browsers are the menu items for Copy & Paste disabled, but the keyboard works. 


For the actual discussion look at


The applet uses only functions of Java 1.0 and therefore it should run with most browsers. Below is a list with tested Browsers.
This applet comes with absolutely no warranty. It is for free. The source is also free available. Please mail any errors or suggestions to
Normally you can't see the full error message in the status bar of the browser. So open the java console of your browser to see the full error message.
Browser Operating System
Netscape Communicator 4.5 Debian Linux 2.0
Netscape Navigator 4.0 MS Windows 95
MS Internet Explorer 3.0 MS Windows 95

NEW VERSION 1.0   Dec.8.1999  download   49kB

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